Zweli – Downtown

Hi there, I’m Zweli! But you can call me Z for short!

I’m a Brooklyn born and raised animal lover! Ever since I could say the word ‘dog’ I’ve loved these amazing beings. Growing up I was the kid who would rather sit at home and watch Animal Planet instead of go outside and hang out! I spent a lot of time as a kid learning about all the different kinds of dog breeds on my own. I’ve spent 21 years of wanting my own dog and I just may have finally gotten my wish!

For the last year and a half (and still going!) I’ve been working with the Animal Haven Shelter. My experience in the shelter has blessed me with the opportunity to spend time with hundreds of dogs each with their own amazing and unique personality. Though I’ve never owned a dog myself I’ve walked and cared for those most in need. I look forward to meeting yours as well!