Zelda – Downtown

Hey!~ My name is Zelda (like the flapper or the princess) and I’m a sweet-tea-drinking Georgia Peach. Unfortunately, I didn’t retain the sing-song accent — but I did keep the love for bulldogs and porches! At seventeen I moved to Phoenix AZ, and after I was done baking in that beautiful oven, I moved to NYC, and I’ve been thriving in Brooklyn for three years. 

I grew up with dogs, and I consider them true friends and companions — and precious family to their people! I’ve lived with and taken care of mutts and breeds of all kinds my whole life. I dearly miss my gigantic son Garfunkel the Great Dane who is living in Seattle right now, but I get pictures of him all the time. These days, I spend a lot of time in a giant beanbag chair swaddling my roommate’s anxious little Dachshund for both of our comfort. His name is Link (like a sausage link) and his favorite movie is Moana — it calms him. 

Each dog is their own individual little being, and they deserve to be respected, appreciated, and cared for as such. I love meeting and communicating with each of them, and learning a little about who they are. My heart is always ready to love another pup, so I’m jazzed as heck to walk them with RuffCity!