Steph – Downtown

Hey there! My name is Steph (she/her) — I’m a theatre-maker and adventurer new to Manhattan and thrilled to be getting to know this city’s neighborhoods side-by-side with its most beloved residents, your dogs! I’m originally from PA; after spending a few years working the theatre circuit in Philly (where I owned the sassiest one-eyed-cat around), I took the first few years of the pandemic to explore the rest of the United States. Until travel bans, my interest had only ever extended to Europe. So I packed my car up and drove the scenic-route to California, appreciating the immense variety of this country’s landscape and people. In CA I spent a year working odd-jobs, including a number of months as a full-time ranch hand at a home for rescue horses! (Horses, while regal, also have the most playful personalities. They’re surprisingly just like very large, very headstrong dogs.) Everywhere I went, I made friends who invited me into their homes and trusted me to watch their dogs when they went traveling. Going out into the world by myself could get really lonely, and the time I spent taking care of animals — especially dogs — filled my heart with the mutual love humans and pets can share. Now that I’m back on the east coast, it feels only right that I keep falling more deeply in love with this vibrant city by getting to take care of its dogs 🙂