Siobhán – Uptown

My name is Siobhan! I’m 31 years old and am a seasoned pet sitter for a muttley crew back in Ireland, and hoping to establish a new set of pals in New York City 🙂 I also am studying with the IMDT to qualify as a force-free dog trainer, and have also worked with many special needs animals outside of dogs — horses that are allergic to sunlight, diabetic cats, noisy parrots, and chickens that hated to get into their coops at the end of the day, just to name a few!

Because of my experience with all things furry and feathered, I’m confident in my abilities with animals. Tricky cases have given me such valuable and applicable experience that I take with me to work every day. I’m adamant on using force free, positive reinforcement methods when it comes to interacting with everyone. It is very important to me that your pet feels confident and comfortable in my presence, and I will work hard to make sure that is the case for every single pupper 🙂

Dogs and I also just have a lot in common. We’re both highly food motivated, we love to stop and smell the flowers, we get bouts of zoomies at the beach – not to mention we’re both spontaneous day nappers! 😉