Sarah – Uptown

Hi, I’m Sarah!
Upon graduating from a performing arts high school in Kentucky over 6 years ago, I moved to NYC to pursue an education in the arts. I came here to become a professional actor, and still am, but over my years here I fell in love with the city, developed my passions for social justice, psychology, mental health advocacy, writing, art, and education, and learned the significance of self-love and care in one’s daily life. Now, I’m creating a life for myself that embodies all of those things and utilizes them to empower others. I can’t say for sure what lies ahead, but I’m excited to see where the journey takes me!
I’ve worked with dogs professionally for about 4 years now through the means of walking, boarding, and doggy day care. I’ve had the pleasure of caring for all types of breeds, ages, and temperaments, some for many years, some for a week, and some for just a few hours. Whether they’ve been anxious rescues, stubborn tornadoes of energy, or relentlessly inquisitve toddlers, I’ve always been able to develop a relationship based in trust, companionship, and mutual respect with the pets I’ve cared for.
I’ve had an affinity for animals, dogs especially, for as long as I can remember. They just get it, you know? They love, they learn, they run, they jump, they fail, they succeed, all without judgement and I’m so grateful to them for that. My time with any type of animal, whether I’m watching squirrels in the park, listening to the birds as I wake up, or exploring the city with a favorite doggo, is a time of healing. I believe that we’re so lucky to have animals and that they all deserve the utmost patience, love, respect, and attention.
I’m so thankful to extend my love and passion for dogs as a part of the Ruff City team. I can’t wait to meet your forever friend and make them one of my own special pals!