Sara – Uptown

My name is Sara and I recently moved to NYC from Baltimore, MD, and I’m a singer-songwriter who’s been writing and performing for around 3 years. You can catch me with my guitar and keyboard at either a bar, arts festival, or coffee shop. Beyond singing, I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Chinese and Political Science. I spent two years living in China, teaching, and studying. Languages and music have always been fascinating to me.

My love of dogs goes back to childhood. In my family home, we raised a basset hound, a German shepherd mix, a pit bull, and an American bulldog. I used to devour dog-related books at the library; when I was twelve I could rattle off info on a hundred dog breeds! Most of our dogs were rescues, each with their own back-stories and quirks. I know how important it is to pay careful attention to the special needs of each dog.

My favorite dog was a shepherd mutt named Kayla. When we adopted her, half her fur was shaved because she had arrived at the shelter covered in tar. She was a big dog, nippy and a jumper at age six months. With slow and thorough training, she learned to manage her anxiety and control her energy. We channeled her energy into long walks, sometimes up to 3 hours exploring the woods behind our house. As much as we saved her, she saved me (so cheesy, right?) Kayla became my confidante and protector as I navigated some traumatic experiences. She helped me develop into the person that I am today!

Your pup is an invaluable member of your family, and I will treat them as such! 🙂 Looking forward to getting to know, and caring for, your dogs!