Ronnie – Uptown

My name is Ronnie, and I feel like I’ve been a New Yorker my whole life! What I mean by that is that even though my family and I moved every few years (PA, MI, RI, VA to name a few places), my father is from Brooklyn, and we would visit our relatives all the time while I was growing up. As an adult I’ve lived here on and off since 2004, and recently I moved to the Upper West Side. I love my neighborhood and apartment, so NO MORE MOVING FOR ME!!! Outside of dog walking, I have been an actor for 16 years. Chances are you’ve seen me in a play, on a commercial, or a tv series at some point  🙂

To be honest, I never had much interest in dogs until I met the love of my life, Riggs. He’s the fellow in my bio pic. He’s a 13 year old Vizsla/Terrier mix, and he’s a rescue I adopted in 2012. I can’t imagine my life without him. Because of him I became a professional dog walker and have not only worked with other dog walking companies, but I also did it independently for a number of years with my own clients. I have over a decade of walking experience with dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages!

Having a fur baby myself I know how important they are to their loved ones, which is why when I work with them they are not only clients, they’re family — and will be taken care of as such. I’m so excited to be a member of the RuffCity team, and I look forward to making new “family members” when working with you and your pups!