Rachael – Downtown

Hey guys! My name is Rachael. I’m 24 years old and i live in the Bronx, NY. I am currently a fashion student. My hobbies include blogging, writing, and styling. I’ve had dogs my whole life, from Rottweilers and German Shepherds in my homeland of St. Lucia to our late Shihtzu Fluffy and our family Labradoodle, Sarabi. Sarabi is 2 years old and the house Queen. I love to pick up on different dog personalities and to always make sure each pup I come across feels safe and comfortable. Let’s just all be ourselves while being good friends.

My love for dogs started at the age of 4 or 5. I was born and raised in the west indies on a small island by the name of St. Lucia. We had a huge yard and a German Shepard named Midnight and a Rottweiler named Rex. Our yard was big so they ran a lot and were friendly protectors. I knew what loyalty bonding and trusting meant by just in the manner I was always greeted and felt by my dogs. Fast forward to my family and I moving to New York City, we took a loving to smaller dogs like our Shihtzu Fluffy, who is no longer with us 🙁 rest her soul and our current Labradoodle, Sarabi, who has helped us through hard times. She is really the glue to our family and comfort source.

I believe dogs pick up on energy and should be taken care of with patience and care. I truly love to learn about new training ideas, fun games and methods and I am willing to be the best dog walker/caretaker I can be! Let’s play and stroll! Can’t wait to meet you all! 🙂