Nolan – Uptown

My name is Nolan, I’m a graphic designer, artist, musician, and of course a dog lover. I was born in Southern California and grew up on the New Jersey Shore. I attended Rutgers University and currently live in Hell’s Kitchen. Outside of taking care of the Pups, I love to write, compose and produce original music. I’m a 90’s boy heavily inspired by the 70’s Disco and Punk – Grunge. I love all things Art and Pop Culture and on the weekends you will find me in the museums, if not running a 10k across the city.
I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by dogs my whole life. I’ve rescued mature dogs and I’ve raised puppies. I’ve had big dogs like Mastiffs and Pitbulls as well as little ones like Cockerspaniels and Yorkies – I love them all!!! The pup in my pic is my daughter Cora (ugh love of my life). She is the best dog with some social anxiety so I have experience working through specific needs and character quirks.
I understand how important your dog is to your pack. Dog’s bring out the best in humanity. I promise to always show love, respect, and patience when handling your pooch, and I am extremely excited to make my own bond on our walks!