Nicholas – Uptown

My name is Nicholas and I was originally born in New Jersey. I grew up on Staten Island and am currently living in Brooklyn. My family still resides half in New Jersey and in New York, so I spent most of my summers growing up enjoying both states. I studied Biology in college because I have always had an interest in animals. Dogs have been constant companions in my life and they have always brought me the most joy. I started caring for dogs from a young age and began walking dogs on my own as soon as I was able.
I cared for my grandmotherโ€™s dog as well as our own family one, which is when I first started to pet sit. I look back on those times with fond memories and the dogs who enriched my life. I still do work with the dogs of my family and friends; this has given me experience with a variety of different dog breeds, temperaments, and sizes.
After working for the American Kennel Club I gained valuable work experience and learned about basic training for dogs, proper walking etiquette and proper puppy care. As I walked more dogs I learned about different harnesses and how to make sure they are properly secured. Since ย I took care of the dogs that stayed in daycare, I learned how to administer medicine and to be aware of special dietary restrictions.
One of the dogs I encountered that made an impact on me was a black lab mix named Pogue Ball. She was left by her owners in boarding for 3 months while they were out of the country. During the last month that Pogue was with us, I noticed she started to lose weight and did not eat as much. I pointed this out to a superior who contacted the owners and they decided to fly her out to their new home in a new country. Pogue Ball was an important part of their family and I think it speaks volumes to how priceless a pet can truly be.
I deeply respect and treat all animals with care and compassion. I can assure anyone who trusts me with their dog that I will take care of their dog with love and integrity. The bonds we form with our dogs is almost something indescribable and they enrich our lives in so many ways. They become our best friends and part of our families, so I will always treat each dog as if it were part of my own family. I am so excited to be a part of the RuffCity team and I can’t wait to meet you and your pup!