Micah – Uptown

I’m Micah, and I just moved to the great city of New York from Portland, Oregon, where I was working as a state park ranger. I’m originally from Phoenix, Arizona, and am wholeheartedly a desert rat. I moved to NYC for opportunities in music and art, and to vibe with wonderful people from all over!

In my free time I love to play music, paint, ride my bicycle, camp, hike, snowboard…really, anything outside! I have always been passionate about animals of all shapes and sizes, especially pups! I have owned cats my entire life, and have lived with and taken care of my roommate’s dog for an extended period. I love how dogs each have their very own unique personality, and how they interact with the world with happiness and zeal is something we humans could really learn a lot from. That being said, I can’t wait to meet and have the best of times with your pup!