Mia – Downtown

Hey Folks, it’s Mia and I love being a part of the dedicated and caring team at RuffCity! Originally for New England, I arrived in NYC at 20 and have considered it HOME ever since… and I truly know this city. I reside in the Cooper Square area and it’s been an artist’s life, which consists of music and writing. I also create handmade knit goods and I humbly call this wearable art.

I have a pooch of my own named Crosby who packs a whole lot of personality in his ten pounds! And we simply adore him. While I grew up with a Great Dane named Cleo (who lived to the unheard of age of 13) in the interim my furry loves were two cats, Sunny & Emma. They both lived long happy lives, yet once they passed, I knew that as I became more settled in the proper home and relationship it would soon be time for a pooch family member to be part of our lives…and then along came Crosby! He’s a feisty love who makes us laugh and who lives for being chased in a big circle at the dog park. He’s the one who ALWAYS gets the others going and yes, I swear he thinks he’s 60 pounds! They’re so soulful, these animals, and they bring us so much joy…so please know that I truly understand that it certainly IS a member of your family that you’re allowing me to tend to, to care for with affection, to speak kindly to, to keep safe! Thank you for entrusting your beloved pup into my hands. I hope we’ll be the best of pals!