Melissa S – Uptown

I’m Melissa and I recently moved back to NYC after spending 6 years in Miami, Florida. I am a Bronx native but have most of my family living in Miami; unfortunately, the hot weather down south was a bit too much for me to handle, so I’m glad to be back home in NYC! In my free time, I love to play guitar and piano and dabble in art projects for both painting and sketching.

I was born and raised with dogs and have loved them since I was a baby. I always say dogs are my spirit animal because they’re naturally just so loving and playful and often hilarious (I think I’m pretty funny, I crack myself up). I have always been the one to take my dogs out to the beach or the park, train them, and give them all the extra love they can handle. I’ve had dogs all shapes and sizes, but the big ones that think they’re tiny are my favorite (like my pit bull “Blue”)!

While in Miami, I spent a little over a year volunteering at the Humane Society in my spare time. I was able to provide a bunch of extra love and attention to some very deserving pups who unfortunately didn’t have families or were abandoned in poor living conditions. Nothing makes me happier than watching a pup’s character come completely back to life by just giving them love and affection and extra care.

My dogs are my kids and my best friends, so I can understand how important your pups are to you. I am so excited to be part of the RuffCity team and can’t wait to make some new pup pals!