Maya – Uptown

My name is Maya 🙂 Originally I’m from Buffalo, NY but ever since middle school, I have known I wanted to move down to NYC. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to take frequent visits to the city with my family, and even further developed my love for the place. After receiving a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University at Buffalo, I couldn’t wait, and moved to the city 2 weeks after graduation!

Growing up, my family was never without a dog, from big St. Bernards and Malamutes, to playful Pitbulls and Labs, I’ve lived with it all. On top of having my own playful pups, I’ve been a dedicated dog walker and sitter in my neighborhood for over 2 years. I’ve interacted with so many different types of dogs and cared for pups with medical issues as well, and along the way I’ve learned so much about how wonderful they are. Each pup has their own special personality and needs that have to be met, and I’ve worked hard to fill those.

With that being said, I know that the relationship each owner has with their dog is unique and special, and hope to learn a lot from every interaction. I can’t wait to meet everyone’s wonderful dogs, and will only treat them the very best!