Matt P – Uptown

I’m Matt P and I moved to Brooklyn in August 2020. I’m originally from Miami Beach, Florida, went to college in Sarasota, Florida, and spent some time chasing dreams in Philadelphia and Dallas. I love collecting records, seeing live music, and losing my voice at pro-wrestling events. I studied literature in college but have spent the past decade reading nonfiction. I spend most of my time with my Border Collie/Aussie Shepherd mix, Mosey, directly on top of me.

Mosey is my ride or die. She is high maintenance and neurotic (who isn’t?), but sharing time with her and watching her grow has been a highlight of my life. Before that, I grew up with many dogs-as-family members. I’ve also been lucky enough to have known, walked, and sat for many of my friend’s pups. I love them all, from the smallest Chihuahua to the most colossal Malamute. Mosey was a stray in urban Miami that I was introduced to by a homeless person, and most of the dogs I have known and loved have been rescued from shelters or the streets.

As a dog dad myself, I know that your relationship with your pup is sacred. I cherish the opportunity to provide the same level of tailored, caring service that I would want (and have wanted) as a customer with dog-walking services I’ve hired in the past. I am so excited to be walking with RuffCity and am eager to hang with your furball!