Matt – Uptown

I’m Matt and I have just moved back home to NYC after living in Los Angeles for the past 5 years! Prior to moving to LA, I was a lifelong New Yorker 🙂 Born and raised in Staten Island and then eventually living in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I moved back to NY to be closer to family and to focus on growing my collectibles business that I have been operating with my brother for the past few years.

Growing up, I always had a pet in my household. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are with my German Shepherd, Shortstop, and my Lhasa Apso, Chip. The bonds and connection that I built with them became super important to me and carried over to the rest of my journey in life. From that point on, no matter where I lived, I always had an animal companion by my side. Whether it be a dog, a cat, or even my rabbit, Babs 🙂

While living in LA, my roommate at the time was a vet and worked at a rescue. She noticed how great I was with her 2 Pomeranians (Pancakes and Fred!) and her cat, Ozzy. She recommended I pursue working professionally with animals and through her I was able to secure jobs as a dog walker and dog sitter. Eventually, this would lead me to fostering dogs through her rescue 🙂 Being able to nurture and care for an abandoned dog and to eventually find a loving home for them became the most rewarding experience of my life.

Moving back to NYC I knew I wanted to continue working with animals, especially dogs. Through my life experiences, I truly understand and appreciate the connection and bond that we have with our pets. Being able to work with the RuffCity team, where I can be part of and share that experience, is something that I value and am grateful for. I am so looking forward to meeting and spending time with your doggy!