Marlee – Uptown

My name isย Marlee. I haven’t been a NY resident for too long, but I am loving every single minute of the hustle and bustle here. I am originally from a small farm town in California. However, my last pit stop before landing here was in the sunny and sometimes pretentious city of Los Angeles. I enjoyed my time there, but deep down in my gut, I knew that I belonged in a place that would inspire me, so here I am! I have dreams of becoming an acclaimed author and I fully intend on using all of NYC’s resources, connections, and inspiration to make that dream come true!
Dogs are my absolute favorite animal! Ever since I was a child I have been surrounded by dogs and was raised by their side. I have owned various breeds of dogs, from a St. Bernard to a toy poodle, and my heart breed, pitbulls. I have trained and raised them until they all sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge, but I carry the love for my dogs in my heart daily.ย  While I would love to have a dog my own right now, my current lifestyle doesn’t afford the time and resources to spoil a dog as they should be, so I am *so* excited that I get to spend time with yours! I love all breeds of dogs – being around them truly brings me immense joy and happiness!
There is a great love that we find in other humans, but nothing like what we share with our pups. As a former dog-parent, I know exactly what your furkid means to you. Dogs are the most loyal creatures on this planet and because of that, they deserve nothing but love, and of course, some treats and belly rubs, too ๐Ÿ™‚
Essentially, I’m so honored to be apart of the RuffCity Team. We value doggy-relations here and take pride in knowing that. I am super excited to take your fur-babies during our adventures in the city!