Margot – Uptown

My name is Margot. I moved to New York City five years ago from Topeka, Kansas because I was striving for a bigger change, and city life seemed like just the remarkable turn my ambitious and energy-fuelled brain and body needed!
For years back home, I worked all sorts of jobs to try to find what would suit me best- waitressing, grocery, nannying, and what I had learned most was that I enjoy being on my feet and being surrounded by things and beings that bring me joy that I can also give joy back to. Growing up owning/caring for many family cats, dogs, and rodents of many breeds has given me a huge love for animals, and wanting to do something to bring me closer to them. When I moved to the city and found that dogs were in huge abundance as well as dog walkers, I knew it was something I was eager to jump into and give my all for. Learning so many new skills and meeting so many wonderful people and pups around the city has been such a privilege and a mind-blowingly impactful part of my life. Exploring the Big Apple with a sweet pup by my side is a gift!
I currently live in Manhattan with my friend. When I’m not giving lots of puppy love, I enjoy going to Broadway and comedy shows with my pals, going on very long walks through the park, writing a lot of poetry and works of fiction, or watching A League Of Their Own wishing I knew how to play baseball well. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the spectacular team at RuffCity and am excited to be a part of making your furry pal’s day wonderful!