Mandy – Downtown

Hello!! My name’s Mandy and I’m from Brooklyn, NY. I’m 22 and a recent Health Sciences graduate from Stony Brook University, who loves hiking, traveling, and music festivals. When I’m not having food adventures in the city or hanging out with friends, you would probably find me at the gym. Dogs have always been a passion of mine and I don’t remember a time where I would not interrupt a sentence just because I saw a dog peeking out a car window or being walked by its owner. Living in the city, I’m able to be greeted by many canine friends and would happily give some good head pats to some good girls and boys. When I’m over at my friend’s house, I’m usually running out of breath playing with her German Shepherd, Luna, or lying down and contemplating life with her Golden Labrador, Barrie. Even though I wasn’t able to own a dog of my own growing up, my love for dogs has never wavered. I can’t wait to meet yours and pass on the love!