Malak – Uptown

I’m Malak and I am a New York City resident, born and raised! From Harlem, I’ve lived in Manhattan most of my life. I’m a DJ, breakdancer (professionally) and music producer. Most of my free time revolves around one of those three crafts.  I have also worked in education for twelve years (2007-2019). However, during my weekdays I am a dog sitter! Pets have been in my life since childhood, and I have now also been acquainted with many friends’ pets in more recent years.

As a child, I grew up with a few family dogs and as of 2020, I have dog-sat and have even helped to raise friends’ dogs. I’ve been dog sitting in Harlem for the past year, and during my college years at Hunter I owned a West Highland Terrier. Since the spring of 2020, I’ve also been responsible for taking a family friend’s dog, Wendy (Airedale Terrier!) on walks, vet visits and grooming appointments throughout Harlem and the UES. I’ve even done my fair share of cat-sitting 🙂 In early 2023, my father also bought a Cane Corso/Boerboel puppy that I have been learning about first-hand and helping to raise.

I understand the uniqueness between a pet owner and their pet. Over the years, I’ve grown to understand the phrase “A dog is a man’s best friend”. Dog’s can become very personable and bonds are created that can’t be denied. The love you have for your pet and how dogs reciprocate that love back is very unique. It goes without saying that I’m very happy to be a part of the RuffCity Team, and can’t wait to spend quality time with your furry companion!