Lindsey – Downtown

Hello! My name is Lindsey Holloway, and I originally hail from the Dallas area in Texas. I absolutely LOVE dogs and cats, and grew up around them, and have been around and taken care of both for pretty much my whole life, including having the canine combination when I was growing up that consisted of a cockapoo, a golden labrador retriever, and a miniature American golden retriever (she’s the fiery little redhead in the pic with me ;), and I had her for 15 years – her name was Lucky 🙂 ). I moved to NYC in 2009 to pursue being a performer, and since then have done many different other types of work outside of performing, as well, and by far, my favorite is taking care of and walking pups (and cats 😉 🙂 ).

I have much professional experience walking and taking care of dogs, including professional overnight pet-sitting, with me, oftentimes staying over at an owner’s home and caring for, feeding, and walking the pup there. I can be extremely flexible, as well regarding taking on a pet-sitting gig last-minute (including taking it on the day before, and sometimes, the day of, as well). Puppers bring me great joy, peace, and comfort amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to feed and nurture the animal lover in me by working for RuffCity!