Leverett – Downtown

Hi! My name is Leverett! I just turned 24 years old and I moved to NY about a year ago to pursue my dreams in the entertainment industry. I’ve been coming to the city since I was 18 to perform standup comedy and improvisation as well as take classes to improve my skills. If you ever find yourself in the east village or in Chelsea come and stop by the local Upright Citizens brigade theater and you might find me there. If you ever find yourself in Times Sq stop by Caroline’s on Broadway, as I currently work there as well!

And I’m a huge animal lover of course. Over the years I’ve had a lot of experience with dogs. My father rescued a dog that I help him take care of, as well as living in college houses with a bunch of friends who decided that they wanted to get puppies. So over the course of the past 4 years I helped raise and take care of 2 pit bulls, a golden retriever and a Corgi.

I’m really excited to meet you and your pup!