Leah – Uptown

My name is Leah (pronounced “Leia,” like Star Wars!). I am an NYC native, born and raised in Queens. I have a passion for good food, studying medicine & human anatomy, and loving all furbabies!

My work experience and academic background consist of clinical medicine and teaching human anatomy.  I consider myself a homebody, but I do love to travel and explore the world when I can! In addition, I love collecting abstract art pieces.

Like yourself, my heart becomes full whenever I see my two dogs, Jasey and JR. Both are adopted and have become so much more than just family pets. Initially, they had anxiety and trust issues like most rescued dogs, but slowly developed enough confidence with all the love they received. My family and I share an obsession with our 2 fur-babies and spoil them rotten! We are *THOSE* type of pet owners who throw special birthday dinners (cake and birthday hats included…), constantly share photos, and ask what the dogs are doing as the first line of conversation. These dogs are my whole world! The unconditional love dogs bring is truly indescribable.

In addition to my doggos, I also have 2 ginger cats, Hibiki & Ginger. They are almost 2 years old and have so much personality! They are lovable, entertaining, and super affectionate. Their zoomie episodes are so funny, too! I truly have fallen in love with them as well 🙂

My pet experience includes volunteering as a dog walker at a BARC shelter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and dog-sitting for family and friends. I have worked with dogs of all different sizes, breeds, ages, and temperaments. I truly understand how precious and important your fur-babies are and will treat them as my own. Paying close attention to a dog’s body language and learning about them through observation are major keys to gaining their trust and affection.

I look forward to spending time with your fur-baby and I can’t wait to meet them!