Lauren – Downtown

Introducing an animal-loving vegan with a passion for caring, a love for dogs, and a two-year experience of living in the vibrant city of New York. Hi, I’m Lauren, and I’m thrilled to embark on my new journey as your dog walker in this beautiful city!

Having spent the last 15 years boarding dogs alongside my mom, I have honed my skills in providing exceptional care and creating a safe, loving environment for our furry friends. As a dedicated vegan of almost 10 years, I believe in extending my compassion to all living beings, and that includes our beloved canine companions.

Living in New York has given me an incredible appreciation for the energy and diversity this city has to offer. From the bustling streets to the tranquil parks, there’s no shortage of exciting adventures for dogs and their human companions. As a seasoned model, I understand the importance of discipline, reliability, and the ability to adapt to different situations. These qualities seamlessly translate into my approach to dog walking, where I prioritize the well-being and happiness of each and every pup in my care.

Join me as we embark on exciting adventures together, making tails wag and hearts soar. Let’s create unforgettable memories for your beloved dogs, one step at a time!