Kira – Uptown

My name is Kira and I’m a born and raised New Yorker!  I spent a year and a half in Florida for college until I realized how much I actually needed 24-hour delis, my family, friends, and the energy NYC brought to my life.  I ended up back in Harlem at The City College of New York pursuing a sociology degree, and it’s safe to say that I have never missed living in Florida once!

I have also spent almost all of my life completely in love with dogs!  My love for dogs started with my family’s pups at home (they were primarily my responsibility!) and this blossomed into an after-school job of walking a few dogs in my building and neighborhood at the bargain cost of $8 an hour (oh, how times have changed!)  My first truly professional job with dogs was at the well-known Biscuits and Bath as a dog playroom handler and walker, and then over the years I worked at other dog daycares and walked dogs for companies like Happy Paws and managed another called Wiggly Pups (how good are the names of these places though?)  Over the years, I’ve worked with dog breeds of all sizes, temperaments, and ages and I’m so excited to be putting all of my many years’ worth of knowledge and experience to good use with such a wonderful company as RuffCity!

And as a parting introduction of me to you and your fur kiddo, I also wanted to share that I’m die-hard Knicks fan who is dedicated to one of the consistently worst teams in the league.  If that doesn’t show loyalty as great as dog’s loyalty to their owner, then I don’t know what does 😉

I’m *so* excited to be a part of this truly fantastic dog walking team and I cannot wait to meet you and your pup!