Juan V – Downtown

Hi New York dog lovers! I am Juan. I am very grateful for your trust allowing me to spend time with your pups. I believe there is nothing more relaxing than connecting with an animal, and I am enjoying every minute working for RuffCity!

I am from Ecuador, I speak Spanish, of course and I am fluent in English. I studied my MBA in Groningen University in the Netherlands. A little bit of German, Dutch and Portuguese I can also try if it is needed.

In my family, we have always been dog people, since I can remember we had dogs. I grow up always having a dog as a companion. In addition, in my large family when they have big dogs as German Shepards and Rottweilers they always hire me to walk and train them, of course a duty I loved.

I am here in New York to pursue my dream of becoming a dog trainer. Back home I have my pack of four dogs, all of them rescued: Pebs a French Poodle mix; Nala a mix between Golden Retriever; Border Collie and some other ancestors there; Taris a Cocker Spaniel, and Kikis a Pekingese. From them I learnt each dog has its own personality, and with walks, exercise, games and command training they feel the guidance and confidence to relax and enjoy every minute of their lives.

Thank you again for your trust. I will do my best to make every minute with your dogs a pleasure for them…and for me 🙂