Josie – Uptown

My name’s Josie and I’m a fairly new resident of New York City, having moved here following my
2020 graduation from Northeastern University up in Boston (but don’t worry, I’m not a Patriots fan – I mean, unless you are!). I grew up on Long Island, and I’m sure my younger self would be thrilled to know that I’m finally able to call this amazing city my official home.

I absolutely adore animals – so much that I have an Instagram account dedicated solely to pictures of cute cows and have been a dog person for as long as I can remember.  This includes thinking I could talk to dogs when I was six – we all thought that though? Right? Anyone? I was lucky to have had many dog-owning friends in college, despite not being ready to have a dog of my own, and earned myself the title of designated dog mom whenever my friends went out of town.

I’ve also been lucky enough to volunteer at two farm sanctuaries, giving me the opportunity to work with and care for cows, alpacas, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, turkeys, and some rescue pups as well. In addition to my love for animals, I’m also passionate about nature, vegan cooking, creative writing, photography, and videography (so you can expect lots of cute pictures of your pup following our visits!). When I’m not walking for RuffCity, I work as a content creator and freelance social media manager for some fun start-ups and non-profits.

My family’s dog, Remy, is turning 15 years old in May. I grew up with her for nearly my whole life and she’s like a little sister to me (though sometimes I’m certain she’s all the wiser, and definitely my parent’s favorite child). I know how I feel when she’s put in someone else’s care for even a few hours, so I’m very grateful to get to be that person for other dog parents. It makes all the difference to be able to spend the time away from your dog stress free, knowing they’re being treated like the family members they are.

My life rule is to always make time for the things that bring us the most joy, so I am beyond happy to be part of the RuffCity team and I cannot wait to meet you and your awesome dogs!