Jose – Downtown

Hey hey, it’s your favorite pokemon trainer Jose from the boogie down Bronx, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico but came to New York when i was 7 years old. One of my first memories coming to New York was me finding a stray Shih Tzu dog that i named Bew ( short for blind eye Willie ) cause he was blind. He was one of my very first dogs and i loved him till the end, i truly believe he helped me realize how much i truly love and care for animals. I’ve always been the black sheep in many cases so i understand dogs in a way when they don’t feel like they are being understood and that’s where i come into play, with my years of hands on experience with senior dogs i felt like it was my duty to go into the dog walking field to find miss understood dogs and help nature them back to feeling like themselves. We all go through things and dogs are just like us, i treat and feel like all animals are such precious delicate little gems that need to be protected at all cost. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity for caring for your babies, your little precious babies will always be safe in my care.