John – Uptown

My name is John, and I’m an aspiring opera singer who has lived in New York for the last year. I’m originally from Norfolk, VA and moved down to Georgia to study music as a University of Georgia Bulldog (Go Dawgs!). Opera has taken me all over the world for work, but all the travel means I can’t have a dog of my own. Luckily I have friends with animals all over the city as well as niece and nephew puppies from all of my three siblings.

I grew up in a household full of animals. We had guinea pigs, cats, a rabbit, and hamsters (unfortunately my parents never let us have a dog). Now I still love all animals, but dogs always make me the happiest. Their joy is infectious and whenever I get to see one of my brother’s or sisters’ dogs, I love how excited they get, especially when they haven’t seen me in months.