Jessy – Uptown

My name is Jesabel (but you can call me Jessy!) and I am an NYC native 🙂 I am currently working on obtaining my bachelor’s degree in architecture, and in the meantime, I’ve been dedicating myself to a healthier lifestyle, such as meal prep, going to the gym and walking dogs.

My family and I have always been “dog people.” I personally like to think of all dogs as fur kids and am prone to stopping to greet any dog I see outside. I grew up with a Pekingese named Chato, my aunt, who lives above me, has a Maltese named Teddy, my cousin has a chihuahua named Tommy, and my sister has a beautiful pitbull named Hazel. Luckily, I’m the go-to person in our family for walking the whole pup crew and pet sitting my family’s dogs while they’re away on vacation – some might say I’m the favorite aunt! 😉
My dog, Chato, is the true baby of my family. He was given to us by an old coworker of my mother’s who could no longer take care of him and when he first came to live with us, he was quite skittish of people. However, my family and I were able to quickly make him feel loved and welcomed, and just like that he was a happy pup! My sister’s pit bull was sadly a stray left at the dog park overnight and gaining her trust wasn’t easy because she clearly had some not-so-kind people in her past life.  But with lots of love, patience and time, she has blossomed into the sweetest girl you’ve ever met and she is an invaluable part of our family now and the biggest snuggle bug you’ll ever meet.  And that’s what I really love about all dogs – love always goes a long way!
Dogs are our furkids and our furever friends and I know what a special addition to the family they are. They’re to be loved and protected like family. This is why I am over the moon about being a part of the RuffCity team and getting to know you and your furkid.  I love all furry friends and I can’t wait to meet yours and treat them as if they were my own!