Jennifer – Uptown

I’m Jennifer and I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I spend a fair amount of my time in the city already as I’m a full-time student at John Jay College working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. During my free time I like exploring the city and taking pictures and I also like to read poetry and watch K-dramas (they are quite addicting and so good!)

The best part of my day is being with my 2 pups! I’ve had a deep love for dogs ever since I was a child and these days I’m the proud dog-mom of 2 beautiful Maltese, and anyone that knows me knows I love them more than anything in this world! Pretty much everyone in my family has a dog, and I’ve been a dog walker and sitter for friends, family, and neighbors for a few years now.

I also have personal experience working with dogs who’ve been rescued and understand the amount of patience and extra love they need. One of my close friends rescued a dog who had been abandoned in the streets of Staten Island, and while she at first only had intentions of fostering him, his sweet face was eventually too much for her to say goodbye to. We worked with him together on restoring his faith and trust in humans, and I’m so glad to have been a part of his journey in helping him gain the confidence he needed to love again.

Being a dog owner myself I know how important it is to have someone reliable, trustworthy and most importantly someone who genuinely loves dogs. To dogs we are their world, and it’s important that we show how much we love and appreciate them even when we are not home. I am more than grateful to be a part of the RuffCity Team and I look forward to having a blast with your furry best friend!