Jason – Uptown

Hi, I’m Jason! I’ve been a dog lover and caregiver for most of my life, from raising my own dogs to caring for fosters, as well as working in the pet food and health industries. I grew up in Northern Virginia and New York City, and have spent the past 16 years here in NYC. Outside of work, I do graphic design for T-Shirts, comic books, and general art projects including 3D printing design and a few other creative pursuits.

I have an instant rapport with dogs and enjoy watching them play and react to fun activities, walks and exercise, and getting to know each and every single bit of their personalities. I am a firm believer that no two dogs are alike, nor do they think the same way. I love to be very verbal with dogs and talk to them in ways that make them excited and ready for their day. I’ve grown up around Labs, Goldens, Pits, and other large breed dogs as well. I spent many years working in pet nutrition stores, too, so if you need suggestions on some foods or supplements to move your dog to, I would be happy to give some very sound advice to help your pupper live their very best life!

Whether it’s taking them for long walks, simply sitting by their side, or taking them to the dog park to meet new or existing friends, I cannot wait to meet your best friend and take them on adventures throughout the city!