Jake – Uptown

I’m Jacob and I have been living in NYC for 8 years now, but grew up less than 20 miles away in Central New Jersey. I recently left a corporate finance job to pursue a more fulfilling career path, and really, what’s more fulfilling than doggos?! Outside of work, I love sports (both playing and watching), exploring NYC to find the very best food it has to offer, and spending time with dogs whenever I can!

I have always loved dogs; as a kid it was always a dream of mine to work with our furry friends.  I take all opportunities possible to hang out with any pups that belong to my friends and family. As a result, I have a great deal of experience walking dogs and caring for all sorts of shapes and sizes. My partner and I are hoping to adopt a rescue in the coming months, and I cannot wait, as I am never happier than when I am around dogs 🙂

I know how much your dog means to you and I will do everything to treat your pup like they’re my very own. All this to say, I’m so super excited to spend time with your fur-kiddo!