Hope – Downtown Manager

Hi there! My name is Hope (yes, that is my birth name!) and I am an artist/musician/animal fanatic hailing originally from the Sunshine State. I graduated from the Florida State University with my Bachelor’s Degree in studio art and concentrations in psychology and Spanish. As much as I miss the weather and abundant nature at times, 26 years of living in small Florida towns was enough! I transplanted myself here about 5 years ago and have been loving big city life ever since.

I grew up perpetually surrounded by an array of different animals and pets, the majority of whom were dogs. My mother was the type of bleeding heart animal lover that couldn’t bear to turn away a stray, so I inherited from her a deep and passionate love of animals. Since relocating here and acclimating to the hectic nature of city life, I haven’t been able to adopt my own forever friend, but it is a future goal. In the meantime, though, I’m so happy to get my pup fix and share my time and affections with yours!