HK – Uptown

I’m HK, a native of Memphis Tennessee, and a new NYC transplant. I love city life and moved here to experience all the great culture New York has to offer! I’m an active but quiet and chill person and in my free time, I enjoy art & crafting, seeing live music, and watching baseball.

I’ve always been a huge animal lover and felt like I have a special connection with them. I’ve owned and lived with cats and dogs of all breeds, sizes, needs, and ages my whole life, and have even owned and cared for exotic pets and backyard chickens! People I meet are frequently impressed with my random knowledge of animal facts and behavior, mostly that I’ve learned online just for fun but also just intuitively through interacting with them. I’ve been told “oh my goodness, he never goes right up to anyone like that” or “wow, I’ve never seen her let someone pet her other than me” more times than I can count when a pet owner is shocked how quickly their less people-loving dog or cat takes to me. (Funnily enough, I’ve even been told this regarding the chickens!)

I have an extensive background in housekeeping, including in homes with pets while their owners are away, as well as long-term housesitting/petsitting and all the exciting daily animal care that comes with that, like pup walking! I love this active nature of work and spending time with dogs, and I really honor the trust pet owners put into those who help care for their fur babies. I’m so excited to be a part of the RuffCity crew and I can’t wait to meet you and your pups and give them a great time!