Heather – Co-Founder

Hi, I’m Heather! Originally from Baltimore, MD I was surrounded by all imaginable animals growing up- dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, frogs, fish- and I always loved all of them like family (yes, even the fish). When I went off to college at the University of Maryland, there was a serious void in my life. I adopted my now 14-year old lab mix, Blakely, over the Summer before my junior year and she became somewhat of a campus mascot before joining me on my adventure to New York City after graduation! Both of us were excited to experience all of the energy and excitement that our concrete jungle has to offer.

After 3 years of experience working in the advertising world, I finally took the leap and devoted myself to my dream of a dog-filled life. It helped that my very first NYC roommate, Stacia, was equally animal obsessed and also very down for a leap of faith. Now I spend my days surrounded by the awesome pups of the city. I love being able to provide the peace of mind to our dog owners and making sure each of them gets the love and attention they deserve! We can’t wait to make your pup a part of our family.