Hallie – Uptown

My name is Hallie and I live in Central Harlem. I grew up in White Plains, NY. After living in Boston for several years studying theater, I moved to NYC to pursue acting, and to take advantage of the many wonderful people/dog watching opportunities that the City has to offer! When I’m not acting or gushing at cute dogs on the street, I love reading, running, and trying new ice cream flavors as often as possible.

I’m a huge dog person, and I don’t mean because I’m half dog/half person (although that would explain my appetite…and my tendency to shake my butt when I’m happy) My family always had dogs when I was growing up–from our sweet rescue Mindy who is a part of my earliest memories, to the comedy team/crime-fighting duo Sadie and Deuce, who were always making mischief and making us laugh. Walking the dogs was always my favorite “chore”, and once I discovered that I could earn brownie points from my family for doing it, you better believe I milked that knowledge!

Having dogs in my life has brought me more joy, comfort, and love than I can express, and I am beyond excited that I get to spend so much time with so many amazing dogs as part of the RuffCity Team!