Fletcher – Downtown

Hi! My name is Fletcher and I’ve been around dogs my whole life! I was always drawn to chill with pets wherever I was whether that be out at a park, or at someone’s house. Never have I not been keen of them as I have always recognized them as such beautiful and sweet beings! My sister and I grew up begging our parents to make an addition to the family with a furry friend, and even creating multiple highly researched slide shows! About three years ago, we finally got our wonderful dog, Aoife (an Irish name pronounced Ee-fuh), and she has been such a great burst of life and love to the family. I have experience in pet care through raising my own family dog, and being a pet-sitter for multiple families. My pet-sitting jobs were 24/7 care, including many walks of course, of their pet(s) and those gigs ranged from being short to long term.

I am currently a student in nyc studying graphic design and I absolutely love being here. Walks are something I love to do in my free time and I am looking forward to further enriching my knowledge of the city while caring for your gorgeous puppies!