Fay – Downtown

Howdy! I’m Fay and I’m originally from Seattle. I’ve lived in NYC for the past several years working in the entertainment industry in post-production. I’m currently working towards a career in nursing. I’m a passionate animal caretaker and have been working with dogs since grade school, first as a 4H member competing in obedience, showmanship, and agility. In high school, I trained and certified my beloved Norwegian Elkhound/Yellow Lab mix, Poppy, as a therapy dog where she shared love and warmth to nursing home residents. Since college, I have been the enthusiastic pup and kitty auntie for my friends. These days I share my space with a very ginger Tabby cat named Ollie who is the light of my life. Dog walking has been crucial to me over the years as it’s been a great way to keep doggy energy in my life. When I’m not walking your fur babies or in class, you can likely find me hiking somewhere off the Metro-North, attempting to bake my way through the British Baking Show challenges, or playing board games with friends.