Emilio – Uptown

My name is Emilio and I am a lifelong New York City Resident. I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, and currently reside in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn. I currently run a weekly workshop in my neighborhood that gives artists of all types a creative space to create content mainly in the forms of recorded audio (music/podcasts) and live performances (music videos/performances/rehearsals). I am following my dreams and making a living doing two things I love, creating art and making new furry friends.

I am a living testament to the phrase dogs are “man’s best friend”. I grew up with a German Shepherd named Duke who walked with me to and from school throughout elementary and junior high school, and when he eventually passed, our family added an Aussiepoodle named Nutella. Knowing I could never replace Duke and Nutella, I found joy in making new furry friends on a daily basis and have now been walking dogs for the better part of five years. I do say, that after 20 years in the customer service field, I have not had better clientele than dogs and their loving parents. Bonding over dog stories creates a connection like no other.

I have experience with dogs of all sizes, breeds, medical conditions, and personalities. From puppies to aging adults, from store purchased to rescues, I have met some of the world’s most amazing dogs during my years walking, and look forward to crafting a career around these bonds I get to form.

I find it most amazing to come across pet parents who meet me and know, I am the right person to care for their family member. Walking is more than just allowing a dog to use the potty and get out of the house. Walking is about bonding, exercise, playtime, training, exploring, and helping a dog fulfill the role of man’s best friend to their fullest potential, and I am lucky and honestly blessed to be such a vital part of that growth. I couldn’t find a better place to create these connections and foster growth than RuffCity. I already feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself, and am overjoyed that I can use my specific skill set to bring ease to the lives of dog parents and joy to the lives of dogs. I cannot wait to connect and create a bond with the special furry friend in your life.