Doug – Uptown

My name is Doug, but my friends call me Dougy or Doog 🙂 I am a native of the Hoosier State (Indiana), however, I now consider myself an official New Yorker as I’ve lived in the city for 16 years! I am a true animal lover…some might say animal fanatic! I’m thrilled to be working at RuffCity!

I initially moved here after graduating conservatory where I studied Musical Theatre. I pursued my dreams of singing/dancing/acting onstage for many years, traveled the country performing, and made amazing friends along the way. I then transitioned to the hospitality industry (as many actors do), and I’ve held just about every position there is…from server assistant all the way up to management. However, as much as I love working with people, I love animals even more. The call to make a career out of my innate love for furry creatures has gotten the best of me!

I grew up in the rural Midwest. Growing up we always had several cats and countless dogs on our property. Throughout my childhood, I’ve cared for many breeds of pups. Amy and Sh’bootie, our first two shepherd dogs. Then there was Brooks and Bandit, two abundantly energetic Dalmatians. Huckleberry, a goofy yellow Lab.  Katie, a Toto-esque Cairn terrier. Then there was Baby the Puggle, Bindy the mysteriously beautiful mix, and Blue…a teacup Yorkie. Needless to say, dog lovin’ runs in the fam!

Throughout my years in NYC, I have always been the go-to animal care guy in my circle of friends. From sleepovers to dog boarding in my home…to being a “puppy manny” for a Husky and a Malamute the past two summers…I was the guy you wanted caring for your fur babies. In addition, I have run a private cat rescue from my home in the Bronx for the past 4 years. The stray and abandoned cats in my community are truly overwhelming, and I couldn’t turn a blind eye. Since I began helping these sweet little souls, I have rehabilitated, provided shelter and medical care, and carefully re-homes over 40 cats all by myself. It is so fulfilling and a bright spot in my life.

I look forward to welcoming your pup into my world and providing the best, most attentive care. You can rest easy knowing that your little family members are getting all the love they deserve!