David – Uptown

My name is David and I’m a native New Yorker from Harlem. I’m a visual artist, musician and poet working out of Bushwick. In the past I’ve performed at The Henry Miller Library, The MoMA and The World Trade Center. I plan on attending The Fire Lotus Zen Center for Buddhist Studies once they open later this year!

I’ve never had a dog growing up, but I’ve lived with many and have always helped my roommates with their pups whenever possible, I’m also a cat whisperer. Some years ago I began working at a Petco in Park Slope helping customers with their nutrition and recreational pet needs. Then before I knew it, I was helping friends with their dog walking gigs and looking for my own opportunities.

Since that time, I’ve added seven years of professional experience walking dogs in Manhattan and I’m still loving and learning my journey with animals. Helping animals and their owners is a fulfilling job I’m fortunate enough to enjoy. Every day I’m excited to get out and experience the world with animal friends. I’m very excited to be a part of RuffCity’s team and I’m looking forward to taking care of your pets!