Daniel – Downtown

Hi, my name is Daniel. I’m originally from Arkansas, but I have been living in New York City for about 15 years and have spent the past 10 years in the East Village. I like to stay active and when I am not walking dogs you can usually find me riding a bike throughout the city while listening to music. When I’m not outside I love playing the drums and Dungeons and Dragons.

I have always loved dogs, and I don’t remember ever not having a dog when I was growing up. When I was finished with school I ended up moving to a much larger city where I felt it wouldn’t be fair to own a dog, so my love for them went dormant for a while. About a year and a half ago, my friend asked me to start walking his dog and I fell back in love. Then I started working with an agility trainer and it dawned on me that I enjoy dogs so much that I want to become a trainer. In the future, I have hopes of becoming a dog trainer to continue learning as much as possible about these amazing animals.