Cody – Uptown

My name is Cody and I moved to New York City seven years ago from Williamsburg, Virginia. I moved to New York City because it is the land of opportunity and I’m a very adventurous person.
After two years working as a Barista, I decided I wanted to give dog walking a try. Growing up with many different breeds and personalities of dogs, it sounded like the perfect job for me! Once I got started, I absolutely fell in love with exploring the city with a furry companion by my side. Since then I’ve been in the dog walking business for the last five, almost six years. As a walker and eventual assistant manager with one of the other top dog walking services in the city, I’ve had many great experiences hanging out and playing fetch with all the wonderful pups.  However, my last company sadly went out of business during COVID, so I’m very excited now to bring my skills and expertise to another top company in the city!
I currently live in Bushwick, Brooklyn with my cat Howl. When I’m not out trekking in the concrete jungle with a pup by my side, I’m usually out catching some local bands at a cool venue, on a Citibike by the water, or catching up on one of my favorite Netflix shows.
I’m thrilled to take care of your fur pal with RuffCity!