Claire – Uptown

Hi! My name is Claire and I currently live in Manhattan. Originally from New Jersey, I attended Florida State University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science & Policy. Soon, I hope to begin studying toward a Master’s degree and then maybe even a Ph.D.!

Since 2007, I have worked with dogs in some form or fashion, including at shelter and doggie daycare/boarding facilities. Each job was rewarding in that it was an opportunity for me to learn dog handling, socialization, temperaments, the importance of a good bowel movement (very important for dogs and humans, alike) and even some basic veterinary skills.

Then there are the less technical things I’ve learned from dogs…
It’s all about the journey! – I just want to get them to the park to play, but they want to take their time to stop and sniff all the way down the street!
How to be a loyal friend! – Because no matter how much those pups love their handler, nothing gets them more excited than seeing THEIR human at the end of the day!
How to make the best of your situation – Because maybe they don’t necessarily feel like getting up to go outside right now…but wait, how about if there is a treat to be had?!
The most important conclusion I have come to, however, is that there is always something new to learn from each dog about their specific breeds, their individual personalities and the way that they see and experience the world! Just watch those little faces as they trot down the block!

That’s why I am so excited to be a part of the RuffCity team! I’m so happy to get the chance to continue getting to know all the pups I can! I guarantee that I will treat your pets as if they were my own; with all the love and care possible!