Christian V – Uptown

I am Christian and it’s nice to meet you! I’m a very enthusiastic lover of pets, and especially dogs (of course!). I’m 26 years old and I am a NYC native – Brooklyn, to be exact 🙂

I’m currently not an owner of a dog myself (which is why I’m getting my fix via RuffCity!), however, in addition to dogs I have a lot of animal experience over the course of my life with furry and feathery creatures such as cats, birds, ferrets, fish, and more! You could say I’m a glorified sitter of all pets 😉

Before dog walking, I worked in the nursing field as a nursing aide where I had to care for people who were elderly, sickly or disabled. Because of my nursing background, caring for other people’s family members and making sure they get the best-of-the-best care is second-nature and essential to me. Your pets are no different than our human family members, and I cannot wait to meet and spend time with your furry children!