Christian – Downtown

Hi, I’m Christian! I was born in New Jersey, and raised in Puerto Rico, and have lived the better part of my life the last ten years in New York City. I came here with a vague sense to follow very definite dreams and have encountered many adventures along the way. Most of this has been fodder for a brief column on downtown nightlife, and even a few novels. Most of my time has been devoted to blogging and copywriting for health and beauty brands.

The most rewarding of my New York experiences has been becoming a parent to two incredible French Bulldogs. Is anything better than Frenchie-song? Perhaps Frenchie face. Or Frenchie walk! My dogs led me to bolstering freelance writing as a puppy trainer and dog walker the past two years. Routine follow-through, careful listening, consistent calls/commands, maintaining focus are what makes a productive and safe route with a dog. Extra love and attention also go a long way; also: scheduled treats. Ultimately, I find time shared with dogs to require more honesty and mindfulness than any other. Just my luck!