Chad – Uptown

My name is Chad, and I moved to NYC in the fall of 2022 from Indianapolis, Indiana. I’ve moved around the country a bit in the past, and I even had a brief stint in Sapporo, Japan – but the majority of my time has been spent in Indiana. My wife Michelle and I have always loved New York, and when we got a great opportunity earlier in 2022 to move here, we decided life is too short not to take it! Outside of this work, I love traveling and camping, and I’m a lover of storytelling of all kinds. Whether it’s film, books, television, video and tabletop gaming, theatre, writing, or acting, all of it is fascinating to me!

I have loved dogs since I was a little kid. I’ll never forget my 3rd grade birthday party when my present was a little Beagle puppy who became my family’s first pet. From that time on dogs have always been a big part of my life, whether it was as a part of my family or taking care of my family and friends’ pups. I have become familiar with dogs of all sizes and temperaments over the years. When the pandemic hit, I began taking care of dogs in a more professional capacity as the need grew for people who were less able to be in public.

Our pets are a special part of our family. I’m very aware and respectful of that particular relationship. It can be difficult to describe that relationship to those who are unaware, but rest assured that I understand it very well. As a result, I will treat any dogs who are in my care as if they are one of my own. I’m so excited to be joining a team at RuffCity who feels the same as I do, and I’m even more excited to meet your little furry family!