Casper – Downtown

Hey there! My name is Casper. I am an artist and a huge animal lover at heart. Growing up, I had a tendency to sneak new ‘pets’ into my family’s house and try to convince my parents to let us keep them (this included frogs, stray cats, rats..). When I was old enough, me and my siblings put together a PowerPoint presentation to convince them to let us have a dog and a cat. This is how I got my first pets, Sadie and Shovie, and I absolutely fell in love with them! I started professional pet caretaking at 16 with my own rinky-dink ‘business’ that I called “Caspers Cats Purr”. I love working with clients and building trust with them and their pets. The relationship we have with our domesticated animals spans back tens of thousands of years, and it is a special part about being a human. These animals have a patience with us that is extremely admirable and valuable. I moved to New York this year from Oregon to pursue my artistic dreams, and was pleased to discover the opportunity to join a bigger pet care community- Ruff City- which I am so excited to be a part of!! I love living in New York and I’m super excited to get to explore the city more with your precious pets!