Carly – Downtown

Hi there, my name is Carly and I am originally from Buffalo, NY. I am a
recent college graduate and moved to Manhattan in July. I came from a huge dog loving family, and have had the pleasure of owning seven dogs throughout my lifetime all consisting of different sizes, ages and personalities:) My family has also had the opportunity to foster a few dogs here and there which was a very heartwarming experience. Dogs have and always will be a major part of my life. Aside from loving dogs, I am a huge mental health advocate and am hoping to earn my masters degree in mental health counseling with the hopes of becoming a therapist and potentially moving on to earn my doctorate degree in clinical psychology! While I am not focusing on work, I love to tune into my creative side by playing around with fashion or makeup. I love exploring the city in my free time as well, which is a huge reason I decided to dog walk, because I get to be in my favorite city and spend time with some dogs!